Wednesday, January 22, 2020


HubDuck The rise of Indic Users


Now 420-430 million people consuming the Internet in India. 200-235 million are consuming the Internet in local languages. 175 million users consuming the Internet in English Future (3 years from now) 750-800 million people would consume internet 600 Million people would consume internet in their local language Nine out of every ten new internet users […]

HubDuck TV vs Mobile

TV vs Mobile

Though video on digital platforms is on the rise, good old television continues to score in terms of penetration and has large headroom left to fill. As per the latest BARC survey, India now has 197 million TV homes, up from 183 million in 2016. Individuals with access to television has gone up to 835 […]

Case Studies

HubDuck RIP Tata Nano

RIP Tata Nano

The Nano’s death was confirmed by production numbers: Tata Motors Ltd. produced just 1 unit in June, down from 275 in the same month last year.The expiry of Tata Motors Nano, holds lessons for automakers. Its a classic example of frugal engineering and wrong positioning. Why Frugal Engineering? Nano fell short on safety, ran behind […]

HubDuck Spartan Poker Autorickaw

Check why Auto Rickshaws were preferred over TV?

It’s very hard to miss the ‘SPARTAN’ branding if you are living in Mumbai/ Ahmedabad or Bangalore. (poker gaming app) believe its TG do not watch TV.  Moreover TV is much more expensive compared to Digital (For 1 impression Rs 16 on TV vs 18 Paisa on digital). Taking this into consideration, focused […]