HubDuck Vobizen Celebrity Endorsement Mistake

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HubDuck Vobizen Celebrity Endorsement Mistake

Vobizen Mobile (budget smart phone) roped in Tamil actress Sneha for pan India launch. However, what caught everyone’s attention was not the phone she was endorsing, but the phone she herself uses. She is seen holding her iPhone in her left hand, while endorsing Vobizen with her right hand.


Who’s Mistake?

This was a result of carelessness from event manger, brand manager, event agency and even the photographer. However, the biggest mistake was probably by the social media marketing manager. He could have simply cropped the image.


What we learn from this?

This is a classic example of how negative publicity and negative PR can increases the brand awareness. This incident was covered by almost all media companies nationally. This even became viral and trending on social media. Buying PR of such a scale would have closed Vobizen even before launch.

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