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How to impress without a script or ppt


Baba Ramdev stole the thunder at ‘Goafest 2018’. The Baba spoke for nearly 90 minutes at the industry conclave having 1000 plus senior marketing executives from top MNCs and Ad agencies.

How did he do it? How can others do this?

1. Have control over the language you speak: It’s regardless of what language you speak, continuity is the key.

2. Combine fact & humour: Facts set the base and humour makes the speech engaging.

3. Basic Structure: Set a basic mental structure before the session. If it’s a 60 mins session, choose to speak 6 key points 10 mins each

4. The X Factor: For the baba, the X factor was his demeanor and his live asanas blended inside the speech. Find yours and use it

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