HubDuck Spartan Poker Autorickaw

Check why Auto Rickshaws were preferred over TV?

Case Studies

It’s very hard to miss the ‘SPARTAN’ branding if you are living in Mumbai/ Ahmedabad or Bangalore. (poker gaming app) believe its TG do not watch TV.  Moreover TV is much more expensive compared to Digital (For 1 impression Rs 16 on TV vs 18 Paisa on digital).

Taking this into consideration, focused on using digital channels for growth (app downloads) followed by celebrity branding (Rannvijay Singh). However their trump card was the ‘AUTO RICKSHAW BRANDING’. It covered 18,000 rickshaws in the suburbs of Mumbai, 8000 rickshaws in Ahmedabad and 4000 rickshaws in Bengaluru with ‘SPARTAN’

Trust this do not make the rickshaw drivers think they are actually Spartans, and start driving above the red line..

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