HubDuck Spartan Poker Autorickaw

Check why Auto Rickshaws were preferred over TV?

It’s very hard to miss the ‘SPARTAN’ branding if you are living in Mumbai/ Ahmedabad or Bangalore. (poker gaming app) believe its TG do not watch TV.  Moreover TV is much more expensive compared to Digital (For 1 impression Rs 16 on TV vs 18 Paisa on digital). Taking this into consideration, focused […]

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HubDuck How Kelloggs won the India Market

How Kelloggs won the India Market?

When Kellogg’s first entered India in 1994 it wanted the Indian consumer to change its traditional habits of having hot breakfasts like Idli, Dosas, Paranthas, puris poha and so on. Kellogs applied India specific startegies to win 60-65 per cent of India’s breakfast cereal market. 1. Innovative marketing and brand-building (Ex. packaging, school connect program, […]

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Instagram Menu from McDonald’s

While the entire world if talking about omnichannel, OOI (Online Offline Integration), AR-VR and other buzz words, McDonald’s smartly integrated Instagram APIs to its restaurant menu. What is the integration? Instagram Menu integrates social networks with point of sale. It uploads the photos of people eating McDonald’s on Instagram on to restaurant menu boards.   […]

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